Huldra, la Hechicera

On Friday, June 30., Hanne Tveter will release her new single Huldra, la Hechicera in collaboration with a star team of Spanish jazz flamenco musicians.

 HULDRA, LA HECHICERA – an enchanting jazz flamenco folksong from the Norwegian woods!     

There is something about this supernatural female character that exists in all cultures,” says the jazz singer Hanne Tveter, and in the upcoming music video that accompanies the single, you will meet three of these different female figures.

In the song, the Huldra (a seductive female forest creature found in Scandinavian folklore) advises a woman on how to put her child to sleep, and in Tveter’s Spanish adaption, the woman asks the Huldra to cast a spell on her child so that her soul will forever be pain-free. Hechicera means sorceress in Spanish, and the song invites us to connect with this primal female power.

With her roots in several musical traditions, Hanne will bring you into a universe where musical boundaries are crossed, and meeting points are explored.

In the new single, you will hear the Canadian flautist Lara Wong, as well as an outstanding jazz trio consisting of Dani Garcia Diego (piano), Pablo Martin Caminero (double bass) and Shayan Fathi (drums). The arrangement is based on the flamenco style por tangos in a fine jazz interpretation, and the music video is made by the acclaimed Cádiz photographer Ana Solinis.

Over the past months, Hanne has continued to work on her new album in Spain. This is her fourth single from her upcoming new album which among spesial guests includes three duets with the famous flamenco pianist and cantaor Diego Amador. The album will be released in late August.