My Footprints

In her fifth solo album, Norwegian artist Hanne Tveter sings selected classics from the golden age of Jazz playfully fused with Flamenco and Latin-Jazz. Musical encounters have become her artistic trademark. This is the sequel to “Oslo-Madrid” (2015 – Nordic Records). With “My Fooprints”, Hanne lets Jazz take the center stage in a fresh and new way. The album is produced in collaboration with world-renowned musicians in Madrid.


Hanne Tveter is an established artist within World Music and Jazz in Norway. She conveys a variety of musical styles with great elegance and authority. Her very skilled voice has a beautiful and subtle timbre full of warmth that takes her from the most delicate verses to dramatic heights. Lately she has explored the crossroads of Jazz featuring Flamenco.

“I have wanted to do a Jazz record for a long time, but first had to find my own take on it while at the same time naturally relating it to my previous albums. Having met many good jazz musicians in Spain during the recording of my previous album “Oslo-Madrid”, recording there again felt natural” Hanne says.

She has extensive experience as a performer, and has done several recordings within Latin American – especially Brazilian and Mexican – music. In earlier years she worked on her own jazz projects as well as with bands based in Oslo within the Bossa Nova genre. Recently flamenco fusion has been added to her impressive repertoire.

Among others featured on the album; The Cuban pianist Pepe Rivero and bassist Yelsy Heredia – each with their own respective jazz trios – have contributed to the albums stylistic character.

Yelsy (bassist for Diego el Cigala etc.) and Pepe (pianist and arranger for Celia Cruz, Paquito de Rivera etc.) have highlighted both the flamenco and Latin aspect of the arrangements.

“At the core I have focused on two established piano trios, and spiced it up with several guest musicians. It enables me to work live with various ensembles and perform in both small and large venues.” Hanne says.            

A renowned flamenco dancer is also a part of the recording.

While Flamenco jazz in itself by no means is a new phenomenon to the Spanish stage, a Norwegian artist mastering both styles is nothing short of groundbreaking. Hanne is undoubtedly the first Norwegian jazz vocalist to convey Spanish styles like “Alegrías” and “Bulerías”.

She has made a selection of songs that are personally meaningful to her and give them a new dimension, with rhythmically challenging arrangements. The lyrics are mainly in English and Spanish.

Experience a strong Norwegian voice in the encounter of jazz featuring flamenco!

Jazz standards and Flamenco in a lively international interaction!

Hanne gives new life to the Jazz classics well supported by an elite team of current jazz and flamenco musicians from Madrid. Her live concerts feature a team of musicians from Spain as well as first class flamenco dance!

A fiery meeting of Jazz between a Norwegian artist and Spanish musicians!

Who is Hanne Tveter?

Norwegian artist educated at the “Barratt Due” Institute of Music in Oslo, where she studied Classical music, Jazz, Bossa nova and vocal pedagogy. She has several critically acclaimed solo albums to her name; “Elements” (2001), “My Letter”(2008), “Cruxando Fronteraz / Crossing Borders” (2011) and “Oslo-Madrid” (2015), with acclaimed flamenco musicians. Hanne has performed in a variety of festivals and many musical- and theater productions; she has broad experience as a vocalist within jazz and Latin music. She is Producer and Manager and for World Music performances with children and youth, like the samba project “Brasileiro” whom released the album “Samba For Alle” (2015). She is the first Norwegian artist to perform Mexican music and have given concerts in México several times. Currently she is finishing her fifth solo album “Jazz In Madrid” with an elite team of Spanish and Cuban musicians. To be released in 2016.

Contributors on the album:

  •  Pepe Rivero – piano (Celia Cruz, Paquito de Rivera)
  •  Josete Ordoñez – guitar (La Chica, Ana Salazar)
  •  Antonio Miguel – bass (Buika, Gerardo Nuñez)
  •  Georvis Pico – drums (Perico Sambeat, Paquito de Rivera)
  •  José Manuel Ruiz “Bandolero” – perc. (Jorge Pardo)
  • Inoidel González Torres – sax (Javier Limón, Buika)
  •  Luis Guerra – piano (Maria Toledo, Alain Pérez)
  •  Yelsy Heredia – bass (Diego el Cigala, Dorantes)
  •  Ariel Brínguez – sax (Chucho Valdéz, Ivan M. Lewis)
  •  Kiki Ferrer – drums (Jerry González, Jorge Pardo)
  •  José Vicente Suero “Morito” – perc. (Joaquín Cortés)
  •  Isaac de los Reyes – flamenco dance (Enrique Morente)

Produced by Hanne Tveter