Since her first album in 2001, Hanne has been creating music, composing songs, creating new versions of classic works, and collaborated with great musicians from the Latin jazz, new flamenco and world music scene. Enjoy her beautiful voice and pure energy!


Hanne Tveter is back with a new solo album, Huldra, where she has brought along a star team of jazz and flamenco artists to explore a genre meeting between Spanish and Norwegian musical traditions. Tveter takes us into a universe where Norwegian folk tunes and Medieval ballads meet traditional Spanish songs and poetry by e.g., Federico Garcia Lorca – rewritten in her own words in Norwegian and Spanish. The solo album, which has taken shape over the last couple of years, is her eighth release, produced by Musikkmakeriet. Nine unique tracks have been created on Tveter’s travels between Oslo, Seville, and Madrid. Huldra is a collaboration with international jazz musicians and world – class flamenco artists such as the pianists Diego Amador, Dani Garcia Diego, Pepe Rivero and Alex Conde, bassist Pablo Martin Caminéro a nd drummer Shayan Fathi, who also have mixed and mastered the album. Special guests, Canadian flautist Lara Wong and Spanish Maestro flamenco guitarist Gerardo Núñez.

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miel y sal diego amador Hanne Tveter jazz flamenco world music folk artist singer musician - cantante - musiker

Miel y Sal

“Miel & Sal” is Hannes’ contribution to filling the Norwegian autumn darkness with warm tones and light from Spain. The music video makes you feel the sun rays on your skin and the sultry warmth from southern regions. The song is a love song in the flamenco style por alegrías, skillfully fused with Hannes’ jazz. “Miel & Sal” is created in collaboration with the Spanish artist Diego Amador and is their third, and currently the latest, duet single recorded in Seville this year. It transports you far away, to the sound of ocean waves, slow tempo, and memories of vacations.

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México en mi

In the album “México En Mi”, Hanne pays tribute to Mexican culture through her sixth solo album, where she offers a selection of traditional and popular Mexican music themes.

The album is a summary of the musical experiences Hanne had in Mexico. The production was created in collaboration between musicians in Norway and Mexico and the result is an energetic Spanish-Nordic musical meeting.

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My footprints

In her fifth solo album, Hanne Tveter offers selected classics from the golden age of jazz in a playful fusion with flamenco and Latin jazz.

Musical encounters between cultures have become her trademark as an artist. This album is the sequel to “Oslo-Madrid”. With “My Footprints”, she goes in a new direction where jazz is clearly the main language. The album was produced in Madrid in collaboration with world-class musicians.

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Oslo – Madrid

“Oslo-Madrid” is a terrific fusion between Norwegian folk tunes and flamenco, interspersed with Latin and jazz.

The album was produced in Madrid in collaboration with world-class flamenco and jazz musicians. A musical travelogue from an artist who goes her own way and builds bridges between different genres

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Samba for alle

Hanne Tveter & Brasileiro’s album “Samba For All” boils with the joy of playing well-known and unknown Brazilian hits in both Portuguese and Norwegian!

Hanne sings with a project choir and vocal group with singers from Lørenskog and Bærum together with professional musicians.

The songs are  poems re-interpreted by Finn Evensen and Hanne Tveter. A catchy album for the whole family to enjoy!

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Cruxando Fronteraz / Å krysse grenser

“CruXando Fronteraz / Crossing borders” is a boundary-breaking project, a musical journey in rhythms, expressing the joy of life, temperament and melancholy.

Hanne Tveter and her band offer Spanish and Latin American folk music, interspersed with both jazz and Norwegian folk tunes. Styles such as chacarera, bolero, zamba, huapango, samba, forró and flamenco are elegantly mixed here.

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My letter To The World

In My Letter to the World, Hanne has found the poetry, and on the initiative of songwriter Finn Evensen, made a record based on a setting of Emily Dickinson’s lyrics. Hanne has thoroughly familiarized herself with a selection of Dickinson’s poems, and together with some of the country’s most prominent musicians, and made an elegant crossover record between jazz and pop.

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Listen to the album:

La Hechicera

Jesús en Pesebre

Miel y Sal

Nana del Caballo Grande

Un Castillo en el Cielo


Contigo Aprendí

Afro Blue



Snåle Mi Jente / Oyeme niña


Más que nada

Optimistenes Dans

La Catrina

At Jeg Har


La Bruja


Noche de Paz

Wedding Song


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