A CROSSROAD BETWEEN JAZZ, FLAMENCO, AND NORWEGIAN FOLK TUNES                                                  

A lively encounter between jazz, flamenco, and folk tunes on Hanne Tveter’s new studio album.
Launched Friday, August 25.

Hanne Tveter is back with a new solo album, Huldra, where she has brought along a star team of jazz and flamenco artists to explore a genre meeting between Spanish and Norwegian musical traditions.

Tveter takes us into a universe where Norwegian folk tunes and Medieval ballads meet traditional Spanish songs and poetry by e.g., Federico Garcia Lorca – rewritten in her own words in Norwegian and Spanish and conveyed as only a ‘sorceress’ with strong roots in both Norway and Andalucía can do it.

The solo album, which has taken shape over the last couple of years, is her eighth release, produced by Musikkmakeriet. Nine unique tracks have been created on Tveter’s travels between Oslo, Seville, and Madrid.

With her grandmother’s lively bedtime stories, the mythical Nordic figure called the Huldra became an important inspiration for the jazz singer. “There is something about this supernatural female character that exists in all cultures,” says Tveter, who is now showing her entire musical range.

Huldra is a collaboration with international jazz musicians and world-class flamenco artists such as Spanish Maestro flamenco guitarist Gerardo Núñez and Canadian flautist Lara Wong, pianists Diego Amador, Dani Garcia Diego, Pepe Rivero and Alex Conde, upright bassist Pablo Martin Caminéro and drummer Shayan Fathi, who also have mixed and mastered the album.


“This album has been an extensive inner journey starting from my Norwegian roots while exploring traditional Spanish music. It is a project in which I wanted to unite these two languages and cultures with flamenco and jazz. I have developed new facets of my voice and myself and reconnected with the essential feminine forces.

I wish to use this opportunity to thank the incredible musicians, technicians, and dear friends who have accompanied me on this journey. HULDRA, the sorceress and mythical female figure of the Nordic forests is now yours!”

With love from Hanne


“Hanne Tveter transports us to magical places, with an excellent voice and musical richness!”
Ernesto Tattó (Cosas que no vienen al caso, Magazine México)

“Hanne Tveter has never been more flamenco than on her new album Huldra!”
Arne Berg (Norwegian Broadcasting – NRK P2, Oslo)

“A musical spell between flamenco jazz and Norwegian folk, inspired by the Norwegian myth of Huldra, the Sorceress” Editorial Staff (Hechos de hoy, Madrid)

“Bright Enchantress!” Tor Hammerø (Nettavisen Newspaper, Oslo)